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Small business owners can spend an average of eight hours a month (yes, 12 full days a year!) performing payroll functions.

Maintaining your employees’ salaries and wages can be a tedious and overwhelming task. Our staff understands that, as a business owner in Charlotte, North Carolina, your time is valuable — and limited — and is better spent finding new business and improving your products and services to generate revenue. As a remedy, our firm offers custom payroll solutions so you can work on your business instead of in it.

Payroll Solutions in Charlotte, North Carolina

Benefits of hiring our team:

  • Reduce costs from hiring full-time payroll staff or outsourcing to larger firms
  • Increase time to handle other business-related responsibilities
  • Eliminate stress from staying abreast on changing federal, state, and local payroll tax laws
  • Formulate economic reports so you know your company’s financial standing

Our payroll solutions team uses an integrative processing system to generate and manage direct deposits, W2s, and workers’ compensation insurance. We also produce reports so you can manage your profits and losses, sales, inventory, and labor productivity.

Additional features include:

  • IRS and state tax reporting, and EFTPS tax deposits
  • Detailed employee reports, including vacation and sick day accruals
  • New hire reports
  • Online paystub viewing

Clients who’ve hired Proctor & Assocs. typically save 40% to 50% in annual savings compared to contracting with larger payroll service companies. To learn more about our payroll solutions, please contact us today.