Common Mistakes to Avoid When E-Filing
Income Tax

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Before the internet made it possible to file your taxes electronically, people had to fill out paper forms by hand and mail them in via snail mail. While the option to e-file your taxes is certainly more convenient than doing it on paper, the process can still be stressful, as there’s still a chance you could make mistakes–and incur their consequences. To help you avoid that situation, in this article, our team at Proctor & Assocs. will be going over some of the most common mistakes people make when e-filing income tax and how you can avoid them.

when e-filing income tax is taking the standard deduction

  • Not Filing On Time- One of the biggest mistakes you can make when filing your taxes is waiting until the last minute. Even though you won’t have to wait for your forms to be delivered if you are e-filing income tax, leaving it until the last minute will leave you in a tight spot if something should happen to your computer or internet connection and prevent you from being able to submit on time.
  • Missing Tax Breaks- Another mistake that we see people make when e-filing income tax is taking the standard deduction without thoroughly investigating all the tax credits they qualify for. We at Proctor & Assocs. understand that looking up a lot of technical jargon can be a headache, but fortunately you can turn to our team to help you make sure that you’re not paying more than you have to.
  • Incorrect or Missing Information- A third common mistake that we at Proctor & Assocs. see is incorrect or missing information on your tax forms. When e-filing income tax, the best way to avoid making mistakes is to import your information from last year’s return to avoid typos, but you should also give your forms a final check just to make sure.