7 Reasons to Outsource Your Payroll Right Now [infographic]

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Are you still trying to juggle payroll and running your business? If you’ve held onto this task for too long, you know what a drain it can be on your time. Here are a few reasons why you should outsource your payroll to us at Proctor & Assocs. sooner rather than later.

7 Reasons to Outsource Your Payroll Right Now

1.  Save time—Staying on top of new hires and terminations, benefit deductions, paid time off, and federal and state regulation changes is time consuming. Put this time back in your schedule by hiring us to do your payroll.

2.  Reduce costs—Figure out how many labor hours you or one of your employees devotes to payroll. We almost guarantee that outsourcing your payroll can reduce this cost and save your business money over time.

3.  Avoid errors & IRS penalties—Incorrect filings and payments can result in hefty fines. Avoid payroll mistakes and rest easy knowing this essential business process is always done right by turning things over to us.

4.  Gain expert advice—You or the staff member doing your payroll probably doesn’t have time to research ever-changing government forms, regulations, and withholding rates. We do, so you gain the expertise of a professional by letting us handle your payroll.

5.  Enhance your financial security—Even if you totally trust your employees, the risk of embezzling funds, tampering with company files for company gain, and identity theft always exists. Eliminate the chance of unethical payroll practices by having us take over.

6.  Eliminate technology advancement costs—Using outdated versions of payroll software without the most recent tax tables can get your business in trouble.

7.  Secure your peace of mind—When you outsource your payroll, the ongoing hassle and stress of managing this task is taken off your shoulders.