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We are an accounting & bookkeeping firm that is completely dedicated to our clients.

Proctor & Assocs. is an accounting & bookkeeping firm providing tax preparation, accounting, and payroll services. We provide our clients with custom solutions to help them become financially literate and empowered to better manage their personal assets or business capital.

In 2003, Tony Proctor, founder and president, started the enterprise as a side business, preparing tax returns for mostly friends and family. Proctor, who, meanwhile, worked a full-time job in corporate America, always had a passion for helping people. As his clientele grew, he realized several of them, who’d hired chain preparers to process their forms, left without any understanding of what the information revealed about their financial condition.

As a result, Proctor integrated financial literacy into his services to teach individuals, especially those in minority communities, about the priority of understanding, handling, and improving their financial health. In 2015, Proctor left corporate America to pursue his tax business full time.

At Proctor & Assocs., we treat our clients like extended family. Our staff gives keen attention to each account performance as well as related needs, concerns, and goals. We also develop strategies and solutions to help improve each client’s financial acumen and standing to achieve long-term economic viability and growth.

Since the establishment of our accounting & bookkeeping firm, we have amassed more than 500 clients, namely individuals, small business owners, and nonprofits throughout the Charlotte, North Carolina region. We attribute our success to providing quality client relations and maintaining a solid reputation in customer satisfaction and retention.

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